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Dr Martin Smit Architect Gliding

I have been gliding since high school
and have accumulated more than
880 flying hours and 4100 flights
(of which 420 hours and 2800 flights as a instructor)
in 27 different types of gliders
Gliding for me is the perfect way to escape
for a few moments our busy daily schedules and
to reunite ourselves with nature
Dr Martin Smit Architect Gliding

Join me for a flight in the front seat of a

DG-1000 glider
Martin Smit LS8
Gliding in a LS 8
Martin W Smit Winch
A seventeen-year-old kid operating the Winch
Martin W Smit Gliding
The gliders I have flown
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50 jaar Zweefvliegen in de Flevopolder
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"Van startlijder naar startleider""
Article written for the Dutch gliding magazine "Thermiek"
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Van Startlijder naar Startleider
Van Startlijder naar Startleider
"Winged inspiration""
Interview for the magazine "Inbo Periodiek"
Inbo Periodiek
For me as an instructor,
one of the highlights of gliding is
when you let someone solo.
He then reaches a higher plane
and you have brought him to it.
Didactical aspects "
of Flight Instruction in Sailplanes"
I have been a Flight Instructor on Sailplanes in the past.
After a long break, I decided to renew my license.
As a preparation for the didactical exam,
I made a presentation on the
Didactical Aspects of Flight Instruction in Sailplanes.
I hope it will be useful, not only for potential instructors
but for the more experienced instructors as well.


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RT VFR for Glider Pilots
Over the years our airspace is becoming more controlled.
I decided to take a RT VFR course to be able to enter
at least part of that controlled airspace.
Remembering all these RT procedures was not that easy
for me, so I made visualizations of some of
the most relevant procedures.
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Theorie van het Zweefvliegen"
Tijdens het voorbereiden op de diverse theorie examens
heb ik een aantal zogenaamde "grafische samenvattingen"
gemaakt. Het is natuurlijke een persoonlijke benadering
maar wellicht kunnen anderen het ook gebruiken
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The fleet of ZC Flevo"
The Fleet of ZC Flevo in 1975 (grey gliders) compared
to the fleet of today (black gliders)
ZC Flevo Fleet
The beauty of craftsmanship.
There were times that gliders were built
of welded steel tubes, wood and fabric.
Each of these planes has a special meaning for me
and I made some of my most beautiful flights
on each of them.
Dr Martin Smit Architect Gliding Ka-4 Rhonlerche II
K-4 Rhönlerche II
Dr Martin Smit Architect Gliding Ka-6 CR
Ka 6 CR
Ka 8 B
ASK 13 ZC Flevo PH-454
ASK 13
Slingsby T.21 Sedbergh
Slingsby T.21 Sedbergh
Slingsby T.21 Sedbergh
Slingsby T.30A Prefect
Gliding Memories"
ZC Flevo
ACvZ Soesterberg
Old Crows tows Junior Crow
Where gliding grew up
Wasserkuppe Cradle of Gliding